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sapphire guitar

Sapphire Guitar

VST3/AU Plugin | Free

Plugin created from different guitar recordings combined with textures.

Infinite Space Piano 2

VST3/AU Plugin | Free

Inspirational pianos mixed with ambient textures.

Retro Keys VII

VST3/AU Plugin | Free

Retro Keys VII is a plugin with 7 retro piano types that trigger memories into the past.

Azure Lake

VST3/AU Plugin | Free

Azure Lake is a collection of 28 inspirational sounds to create inspiring, soft, and emotional melodies.

Morning Coffee Piano

Kontakt Library | Free

Free piano library for Kontakt. It’s based on smooth acoustic piano combined with ambient texture and a music box-style instrument.

Orange Dreams Lite

VST3/AU Plugin | Free

Orange Dreams Lite is a plugin ideal for lofi and chill beats, including 17 presets of synths, digital pianos, and sounds.