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Sapphire Guitar

Essential: Free


Sapphire Guitar is a guitar plugin, but it’s not a traditional one. Instead, it is a plugin created to generate chill and inspirational sounds from guitar samples and textures.

About Sapphire Guitar

Sapphire Guitar is a guitar plugin created from guitar samples in combination with ambient textures.

The guitar samples were recorded from acoustic, classical, and electric guitars with different techniques such as palm-muted, fingerboard notes, open strings, short notes, and harmonics.

Five ambient pads/textures can be added to each guitar preset to create unique sounds.


The Essential and Max versions have the same design and functionality.

1. Instrument/preset selector.
2. TXs Volume: Volume knob for each ambient texture. Before using it, you need to activate it with the button.
3. Filter: Lowpass.
4. Settings: Curve, width and envelope of the textures.
5. FXs: Chorus, drive, and reverb.
6. Delay: It can be synchronized with DAW (1/2, 1/4, 1/8, etc) or manual (with the time knob).
7. Guitar ADSR.
8. Master settings: Gain, pan and volume meter.




* Native Apple Silicon support

Sapphire Guitar Essential vs Max



sapphire guitar essential


$25 / $15

sapphire guitar max

Download Sapphire Guitar Essential

sapphire guitar essential

Get Sapphire Guitar Max

sapphire guitar product


Includes the download of the “Sapphire Guitar Max” plugin in VST3/AU version for Windows and macOS.

The license lasts forever; it is a single payment.

Orders are processed through FastSpring. The download link will be available for 7 days. If for any reason you need to download it again after this date, please contact us and we will give you access again.