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Skydrones Pads


Skydrones Pads is a double-layered ambient pad library for generating atmospheric sounds. It was designed to produce soft textures that fill the entire space.

Requires Kontakt 6.7.1 or higher

XY Layers

Skydrones Pads can be set up with two layers of pads at the same time (X and Y). There are a total of 10 layers to use in combination.

That’s why multiple combinations can be generated from the pads, and as a result, a large number of possible unique sounds.

skydrones pads library
skydrones pads settings

FX & Settings

Skydrones Pads has a series of controls useful for adjusting the pads to the desired point.

The manageable filters modify the essence of the pads, driving the tone to more bright, dull, or crisp places, depending on the position.

Then it has different classic controls such as ADSR, reverb, saturation, stereo width, cutoff, and chorus.

If the gain of the pad combination is too high, there is also a limiter control to prevent clipping.


We created 26 snapshots divided into three categories (powerful, shorts, and soft). Take a tour of some of the sounds you can get with Skydrones Pads through these snapshots.

On the download page, you will find instructions to install them in Kontakt.

skydrones pads snapshots


It's free!

skydrones pads