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sierras altas

Sierras Altas

Sierras Altas is a cinematic plugin inspired by the beautiful high mountains that create unique, colorful landscapes around the world. It features drum parts, sound effects, pianos, pads, and synths in one plugin.

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69 presets

≈ 2.8 GB (Installed)

XY Sounds

Duality of sounds

Each Sierras Altas preset is made up of two instruments that can be leveled independently. On the left side, you can control the gain of instrument X, and on the right side, instrument Y.

Each preset was designed with two sounds so that its color and essence can be modified by increasing or decreasing either instrument.

Sierras Altas Instruments

Sierras Altas contains four main categories: FX, Keys, Pads, and Sounds.

  • FX: 18 presets of explosions, drums, and cinematic effects.
  • Keys: 10 piano types with a soft, ambient touch.
  • Pads: 19 pads to create huge sounds and atmospheres.
  • Sounds: 22 unique sound presets designed from string, piano, and synth recordings.

Controls and features

Preset Demos

Raw and unmixed individual preset tracks




* Native Apple Silicon support

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$34.90 $22.90

sierras altas