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colorwoods piano cover

Colorwoods Piano

Inspiring Sessions

Colorwoods Piano is an acoustic piano with a natural and serene taste but also powerful and crisp when you push it to the limit. It is based on an upright piano and was recorded with five gradual velocities.

≈ 4.3 GB

5 velocities

6 microphones

Microphone positions

To get a full sound, we used 6 microphones to record this piano: a centered large-diaphragm condenser microphone, a pair of small-diaphragm condensers in XY, another pair of small-diaphragm condensers in the front position, and a dynamic microphone.

When all mic positions are active simultaneously, the sound is super full and complete. But it is also possible to control each microphone position with an individual gain knob.

This is why Colorwoods Piano can have a soft and relaxed sound with the selection of some microphones, or it can also become more powerful with the most potent microphones.

Controls of Colorwoods Piano

colorwoods piano new gui

(New updated GUI)




* Native Apple Silicon support


An official license to use Colorwoods Piano on your computer, which you will receive digitally in your account along with the download. With this license, you will be able to use the plugin in your productions, including commercial ones.

The license lasts forever; it is a single payment.

Orders are processed through FastSpring. The download link will be available for 7 days. If for any reason you need to download it again after this date, please contact us and we will give you access again.