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We updated Sapphire Guitar!

Good news! We have just updated our Sapphire Guitar plugin, introducing improvements to the samples, design and functionality for a better experience.

sapphire guitar update

Sapphire Guitar: Two Versions

We removed the New Horizon expansion and turned it into Sapphire Guitar Max.

So Sapphire Guitar has two versions now, one free (Essential) and one paid (Max).

The Essential version includes 18 instruments and the Max contains 77 instruments. All features and controls are exactly the same in both versions.

If you previously purchased the New Horizon expansion, you now have free access to Sapphire Guitar Max.

Sapphire Guitar Improvements

  • New FX and controls: We added an effects panel with drive, reverb, delay, and chorus.
  • New GUI: We modified the design slightly to incorporate the new features.
  • Improved samples: We worked on improving the samples of the instruments.
  • Changed some presets: We removed some presets we didn’t like and added some that work better with the new effects.

How to update it?

If you had it installed previously, you don’t need to uninstall it, since the new version is installed as a new plugin. But of course, you can uninstall it to save space on your drive.

To install it, follow our installation guides on the support center.