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How to Install Snapshots in Kontakt (Full Version)


Navigate to the default Kontakt snapshot location:

  • Mac OS X: Macintosh HD/Users/<User Name>/Documents/Native Instruments/User Content/Kontakt
  • Windows: C:/Users/<User Name>/My Documents/Native Instruments/User Content/Kontakt

Create a folder within this location with the exact name of the library.

For example, it should look like this for the “Skydrones Pads” library:
..Native Instruments/User Content/Kontakt/Skydrones Pads

Tip: If you can’t find the /User Content/Kontakt folders in “Native Instruments”, then you can create them.


Inside our Kontakt library, you will find a folder called “Snapshots”. 

Move all the folders inside Snapshots to the location created in the previous step.
(..Native Instruments/User Content/Kontakt/<Library Name>)

move konakt snapshots

STEP 3: That's it

That’s it, open the library in Kontakt and click on the camera icon. Here you will find all the snapshots.

kontakt snapshots

What are snapshots used for?

Kontakt snapshots are the same as presets, that is, sounds created from different settings within the library.

They are very useful for libraries with layers and many configurations since it allows to create sounds from different combinations.

You can also save your own snapshots into any library, for easy access to the desired sound later.