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Update: Changes in ZAK Sound orders and payments


We are changing the way we process orders on our ZAK Sound site, both paid and free.

We will stop using Paypal as a direct payment method, and now FastSpring will be our payment and order processor (although you can also use Paypal through FastSpring).

What changed?

  • New orders and payments will be processed through FastSpring.
  • The free plugin download links will be available to everyone, without having a ZAK Sound account.


One of the biggest reasons is because FastSpring helps us pay taxes to different countries, such as VAT in Europe. This allows us to focus more on creating plugins and libraries, and less on the technical side of payments and global taxes.

In addition, FastSpring processes many local payment methods in countries around the world (credit cards, Paypal, bank transfers, Amazon Pay, etc). Payment methods depend on the country you are in.

What will happen to orders before December 16, 2022?

You can follow them from My Account – Legacy, at the bottom of our page.